Welcome to Alaska Affordable Energy Model’s documentation!

This is documentation for the Alaska Affordable Energy Model a component of the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA)‘s Alaska Affordable Energy Strategy policy planning activity. This model was developed by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geographic Information Network of Alaska (UAF-GINA).

Check the AEA Affordable Energy Strategy website to understand the purpose this model was developed for: http://www.akenergyauthority.org/Policy-Planning/AlaskaAffordableEnergyStrategy

See the AEA Alaska Energy Inventory website for details on the project, goals, and the model docs and other details for the model: http://akenergyinventory.org/energymodel

This documentation is a work in progress : contributions, questions, and corrections are welcomed.

The source for this website/the model documentation is managed in the same code repository as the model code under the /docs directory. The documentation is publicly hosted on http://model-docs.akenergyinventory.org. The Sphynx tool is used to manage and render the documentation which is written in reStructuredText markup.